Parker Transformation 2016 - Jotter

Parker Transformation 2016

The Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter was first introduced in 1954. Those first models were made from a nylon material with ridges along the barrel. The first colors were black, grey, red, orange and green and are extremely collectable. The clip was plain (not the now famous arrow clip). The greatest innovation was the rotating ball. With every click, the refill rotated slightly, ensuring even wear of the ball point. Other ballpoint pens on the market simply stopped working when the ball eventually wore itself out of the round shape.

In 1957, Parker changed the ball to a super hard tungsten carbide material that was textured to better grip the paper and reduce skipping. This feature is still used on all ballpoint pens today. In 1958 Parker added the iconic arrow clip to the Jotter.

No other pen gets more attention at iPenstore than the Parker Jotter. We get calls every day from Jotter collectors looking for the latest color or a rare color. We've regularly brought in special colors from Europe.

2016 Jotter Models

Available at iPenstore October 6, 2016

Parker recently announced a complete revision on the entire Parker product line, including the Jotter. Over the last few months of 2016, we'll be replacing all of our current stock with the new models. (The new finishes are expected to start shipping in mid-October, 2016).

The biggest changes we see for the new Jotters are:
  1. Stainless steel barrel replacing plastic barrels
  2. New "triple chevron" arrow clip design
  3. Enhanced "click" sound
  4. Upgraded gift box (all models will come gift boxed)
  5. Addition of pattern designs on select models
  6. All models will be made in France (and marked on the pen)

All of the new Jotters will come in an upgraded gift box.

(See the new Jotter pricing at the bottom of this blog!)

9 Core Finishes

Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim
Stainless Steel with Gold Trim

Bond Street Black with Chrome Trim

Royal Blue with Chrome Trim

 Kensington Red with Chrome Trim

Chelsea Orange with Chrome Trim

Victoria Violet with Chrome Trim

Portobello Purple with Chrome Trim

 Waterloo Blue with Chrome Trim

5 Premium Finishes

Tower Grey with Chrome Trim
Diagonal Chevron Pattern Etched on Cap

Bond Street Black with Chrome Trim
Grid Pattern Etched on Cap

Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim
Diagonal Chevron Pattern Etched on Cap

Oxford Grey Pinstripe with Chrome Trim

Carlisle Brown Pinstripe with Chrome Trim

2 Luxury Finishes

Bond Street Black with Gold Trim

West End Brushed Gold with Gold Trim

Pricing and expected arrival

All 9 Core finishes have an MSRP of $19.99. Our every day published price will be $15.97. The Premium and Luxury models have an MSRP of $24.99. Our every day published price will be $19.97.

To celebrate the introduction of the new models, we'll be offering special introductory pricing. Watch our weekly newsletter for a special offer on all the new Jotters in mid-October! (Parker expects to start shipping the new Jotter models October 15, 2016).

Looking for a current model Jotter? Visit our website - we'll continue to carry current production Jotters as long as we can! Click on our logo below to go directly to our Jotter page.

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