Rosetta Quattro 4-in-1 Multi-function Pen

The classic multi-function pen is a great tool for home or office. For those who alternate between writing in pen and and pencil, or regularly switch pen colors when illustrating, editing, or taking notes, the multi-function pen is a must have.  Perfect for travel so you have one tool for all your needs, multi pens are the way to go.  We think our new Rosetta Quattro Multi-function pen is the best multi-function on the market for the price.

Our new Rosetta Quattro 4 Function pen features an all metal barrel. Choose from two different finishes - matte black or satin silver, both with silver trim. The diamond-cut knurled grip provides increased writing control and comfort.

Quattro has 4 different points- black, red, and blue medium ballpoint and 0.5 mm pencil. 

To activate each point, hold pen parallel to your desk top and turn the barrel so that the desired point is at the top then simply press the cap.

It's very easy to refill the Rosetta Quattro because it uses the standard international "D1" mini size ballpoint refill (inexpensive and readily available here) and .5 mm leads.  The eraser is under the cap and the instruction sheet is included with the pen.

The Rosetta Quattro is available for only $17.97- and it's the best quality multi function pen for that price on the market. Have you tried the Rosetta Quattro? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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