Rosetta Pocket Set: Napoleon Ballpoint Pen & Rosetta Notes Notebooks

The Rosetta Pocket Set is perfect for on the go writing. The pen and notebooks are sized perfectly for a pocket or purse. This set includes a Rosetta Napoleon Ballpoint pen, and three Rosetta Notes Pocket Notebooks. The set is available in two colors: with a cracked ice acrylic orange pen and orange covered notebooks, or with a tortoiseshell acrylic pen and brown covered notebooks.

Many times, the term 'pocket pen' can mean a small, thin pen that is not always comfortable to use. Pen enthusiasts usually imagine a tiny straight tube with no design, topped off with a bad and scratchy refill. However the Rosetta Napoleon has redefined the term 'pocket pen'. The Napoleon is a compact pen, but with the bulk and shape of a larger pen. The width at the middle of the barrel is an even 0.5" - the most popular standard size for comfortable writing. The Rosetta Napoleon is crafted of beautiful, lustrous Italian acrylic resin. When capped, the pen is only 4-1/2" long to easily fit in a pocket or purse. However, when capped for writing, the pen is a full-sized 5-1/2" long. The Napoleon accepts any Parker-style ballpoint refill, which are easy to find, and come in a variety of points and colors. Check out the 'Ink & Refills' section on to see dozens of refill options for the Napoleon.

Rosetta Notes pocket notebooks are exceptionally high quality. The paper is manufactured by French Paper, and was selected for its super bright Smart White pages and ultra-smooth finish. The notebooks are 3-1/2" x 5-1/2". Each notebook has 24 sheets (48 pages). Rosetta Notes are milled, manufactured, and printed in Michigan, USA.

Pen users no longer need to struggle with slim tiny stick pens and thin flimsy paper when writing on the go. Pick up a Rosetta Napoleon Pocket Bundle Set to enjoy your writing experience wherever you are and whenever you want. Find the Pocket Bundle, and thousands of other excellent writing instruments and accessories at


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