String Pull Fluid Art Tutorial

Hi everyone, Lindsay here! So, what exactly is 'fluid art'? Simply put, it's the process of painting with a liquid. You can create fluid art with paints, dye, ink, and natural products. While artists have been creating artwork with flowing mediums for centuries, it has really become popular the last few years. You can find paints and pouring mediums at your local craft store that are just for pouring paint onto canvas, and search 'acrylic pouring' on YouTube if you'd like to spend 4 straight days watching this mesmerizing technique.

Today we're going to try pulling an ink soaked string between 2 sheets of paper, creating beautiful, multi dimensional patterns reminiscent of calla lillies and other cup-type blooms.

Here's all you need:

1. Ink, I used 
J Herbin Cornaline d'Egypte
2. Paper, I used Rhodia
3. String, cotton crochet thread was used here
4. Scissors
5. Gloves. I didn't use them, and now I have orange fingers. Don't be like me. Glove up.

Let's do this!
Put your glove(s) on, and cut a string longer than you think you'll need. There's no right or wrong length or type of string to use here, but remember that the thicker it is the more of your precious ink you'll be absorbing into the string. Just use whatever you can find laying around, the cotton string from dog food bags would be excellent! Try sewing thread, kitchen twine, yarn, etc..

Soak your string in the ink by shoving it down into the bottle. Look at the shimmer in this gorgeous J Herbin fountain pen ink! You can use your scissors against the top of the bottle to sort of scrape the excess off the string as you pull it out of the bottle, or you could squeeze it between your (gloved) fingers to remove the excess. Any ink you have will work. You could even put a few drops of different colors in some small bowls or bottle caps, and dip different sections of the string in each color. I recommend trying just one color first until you get the hang of it.

Lay your string down near the top of the paper, making sure to work between 2 sheets of paper. Go crazy! Make loops, waves, spirals, zig zags, whatever floats your boat. Leave some of the string hanging out of the notebook so you can grasp it. Now replace the top paper and notebook cover gently.

Press your hand ever so slightly on the notebook cover, just enough to keep the notebook from flying into your lap, we're not trying to milk the ink out of the string here. Light touch. Now gently pull the string straight out of the notebook niiiiice and slowly.

That's it! Open your notebook and marvel at your masterpiece. Imagine these framed all over your office in your color scheme. Inky bliss.

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Video Tutorial:

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  1. I like this! I need to try it .... wirh an apron & gloves on since I tend to make a mess! Thanks for the simple instructions!!!

  2. Looks like a fun way to swatch some inks! Thanks for the tips


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