Private Reserve Ink Under New Ownership

Private Reserve Ink

Zionsville, Indiana

Private Reserve Ink, (PRI), is bottled and shipped to both retailers and distributors worldwide from Zionsville, Indiana. PRI produces 52 rich and saturated fountain pen ink colors in both bottled ink and ink cartridges.
Established in 2000, PRI was the forerunner of the concept of multiple-colored, deeply saturated fountain pen inks in the USA, and they continue to carry on that legacy.
Darla Aniline, a long-time employee of Avalon Jewelers and PRI, purchased the company in January 2018.  She has been instrumental in moving Private Reserve back into the mainstream market via social media marketing, advertising and ensuring that PRI has a presence at pen shows, thus bringing the ink company to an entirely new level of development and success.

Quality control for Private Reserve fountain pen ink products has been a major priority since she took over the company. According to Darla, it has not been easy. Darla reached out to the dealer community for feedback and suggestions and has been working diligently with her chemists to overcome any negative product issues in the past. In addition, she has replaced any older dye stock.
Private Reserve Ink is still respected in the industry, with an amazing fan base. Her newest products have been the popular ink samplers (shown below).
52 colors and still growing!
Private Reserve has been an important brand relationship for iPenstore ever since we built our online store.


  1. I was a bit surprised to find my hand and notebook featured in the third picture of this post -- big fan of iPenStore for years now!

    1. It's a great photo! (The photo was given to us by Private Reserve - they liked it too and put it on their website.)

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