Ballpoint Refill Guide

If you are in need of a new ballpoint refill, but aren't sure which to get, this guide should help! Here at, we stock over 30 different brands and sizes of ballpoint refills, and we understand that finding the right one for your pen can be difficult. So, we created this convenient guide to assist you in your search.

The most commonly used ballpoint refill in the world is the Parker Style ballpoint refill. This refill is used by the majority of all refillable ballpoint pens. However, some pens will only work with refills from that particular brand (brand proprietary refills). If you know the brand of your pen, you can scroll down to the bottom to go directly to our Ballpoint Refill by Brand Chart. There you'll find quick links directly to refills for your pen and for all the brands we carry.

If you don't know the specific brand, or still can't find exactly what you are looking for, check out the Ballpoint Refill Size Guide below. We included photos of the most common refills we offer, as well as the length of each. Simply measure the length of the refill you have, and match it to the refills shown below.

If you still are not sure, we're happy to help! Contact us by phone (888-747-7367), or email (

Compare your refill to our ballpoint refill picture size guide:
(Please note: refills are not to scale. The actual size of the refills on the screen may vary depending on the device you are using. Refills are listed from shortest to longest. Click on each refill to go directly to the item on

Lamy M22:

D1 Mini:

Caran d'Ache Goliath:



Parker Gel:

Fisher Space Pen:


Lamy M16:


S.T. Dupont:


Ballpoint refill by Pen Brand Table:
Use this table as a guide for the pen brands that take either proprietary refills, or the common Parker Style or D1 ballpoint refills.


  1. Do you have a compatible refill for this pen? Cartier Vendome Trinity


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