iPenstore Brand Spotlight: Schneider

Schneider History

For over 80 years Schneider has been manufacturing writing instruments to meet the highest demands in quality, writing comfort and longevity.

The family business, founded in 1938, initially produced screws and turned parts. In the late 1940's Schneider capitalized on the need for refills for the American pens being imported, and grew to be one of Germany's largest pen manufactures. Over the years, Schneider added ballpoint pens and other writing instruments to their production. In 1991, the company acquired a large German fountain pen manufacturer to further expand writing instrument production. Today, Schneider has about 500 employees in three locations across Germany, as well as partners in distribution centers around the world.

Check out this video to see more on Schneider's history:

Schneider and iPenstore 

When we first started selling Schneider products a few years ago, we were immediately impressed. The Slider Memo became an instant favorite pen, and the Schneider 755 Parker style refills became our favorite refills. As we expanded the line and added products, we found every item we brought in to have the same attention to detail in both performance and design. It's difficult to choose just one favorite now as the Haptify, Ray, Express and others have completely surpassed our expectations.

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Ballpoint Pens:
The Schneider Slider series has established itself as a top-quality ballpoint utilizing Schneider's innovated Viscoglide ink - a high performance hybrid ink that combines the best features of traditional ballpoint ink and gel ink. Super-smooth writing action and very fast-drying, the Viscolide technology ensures exceptionally easy writing. The ink dries quickly to reduce smudging during writing - perfect for left handed writing. Pictured below, the Slider Basic and Slider Memo are inexpensive and disposable but still feature the Viscoglide ink. They also come in a variety of pen and ink colors and maintain the incredible quality that comes along with every Schneider product. The Rave, Epsilon, Pulse, Perlia, and Haptify also feature Viscoglide ink, a variety of pen colors, and are refillable with the Schneider 735 and 755 refills (and any other Parker-style refill).

From left to right: Schneider RaveMemoMemo 3 PackSlider Basic, and Slider Basic 4 Pack 

The Schneider Perlia is a smooth operator with a pearly shimmering look.

The Schndider Haptify and Schneider Pulse both feature rubberized grip sections for excellent and comfortable grip.

Rollerball Pens:
Schneider manufactured the One Business Rollerball Pen to give the best writing experience possible. Featuring an ultra-smooth tip and Schneider's "Super-Flow-System", the One Business produces an extremely consistent ink flow. The super smooth flow combined with an ergonomic rubber grip and rubberized barrel surface promotes tireless and relaxed writing for the user.

The Schneider One Business Rollerball pen available in 4 colors.

The Schneider Ray ink cartridge roller is refillable with fountain pen cartridge ink. Schneider designed the Ray to have a futuristic look with glossy plastic and rubberized grips. The combination of materials not only looks cool, but it's very comfortable to hold.

Fountain Pens:
Along with the Ink Cartridge Rollerball Pen, the Schneider Ray is also available in a fountain pen!

The Schneider Ray Fountain Pen available in cool, modern assorted colors.

The Schneider Easy and Voice fountain pens are excellent starter pens. They feature ergonomic shaped grips, reinforced steel nibs, and fun decorative barrel designs.

Fineliner and others:
The Schneider Xpress is the go-to pen for nearly everyone working here at iPenstore for taking a quick note. The shape and feel is exactly the same as another favorite, the Schneider Memo. The Xpress is a fineliner pen (basically a thin point Sharpie marker). They provide constant, and a very consistent line every time you need it. The felt tips can wear down over time, so these pens are inexpensive and disposable.

The Schneider Memo and the Schneider Xpress share the same design.

In addition to the Xpress, we also stock the Schneider Line-Up (a fiber tip pen), and the Schneider One Highlighter (an excellent highlighter sharing the design of the Schneider One Rollerball Pen).

The three main Parker-style Schneider ballpoint refills that we stock are the 735 Express, the 755 Slider, and the Gelion 39. The Schneider Express 735 is Schneider's standard oil-based ballpoint refill. The standard "Parker-style" shape will fit the majority of refillable ballpoint pens, and the steel tip ensures smooth and consistent delivery  until the ink supply is completely used. Schneider estimates that one 735 refill can produce approximately 10,000 m of writing. The Schneider 755 utilizes Schneider's Viscoglide technology (combination of oil and gel) for smooth and gliding writing. The Gelion 39 refill is a Gel-based ink refill.
The Schneider Topball 850 rollerball refills are interchangeable with most European (or international sized) style rollerball refills. The conical tip is made of wear resistant stainless steel for precise and consistent ink flow. The capless quality means the refill doesn't easily dry out, even without the cap.

Fountain Pen ink cartridges:
Schneider fountain pen cartridges are a favorite of ours for the high quality ink and incredibly affordable price. The 6 packs of cartridges have been such a good seller, we decided to bring in the 30 packs earlier this year. The Schneider brand ink cartridges are so good, many other excellent brands (such as Retro 51) use them in their pens as well.

Schneider cartridges available in 30 packs or 6 packs.

Schneider's commitment to quality

For years Schneider has been dedicated to producing the highest quality writing instruments, and it's clear that goal has never changed. Schneider is one of our favorite brands here at iPenstore. Based on the products we currently have and the ones that we've seen coming, Schneider will continue to be one of our favorite brands for years.

For even more insight on the Schneider brand, and an incredible inside view of the Schneider factory, check out this video from the show "How It's Made". You'll see Schneider's dedication to excellence first-hand as the video takes you through all the steps necessary to make even a simple ballpoint pen and refill.


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