iPenstore Brand Spotlight: Retro 1951

iPenstore is proud to stock the entire Retro 51 product line. Retro 51 offers a huge assortment of excellent products. There's a lot of options to consider, so we've detailed the current 2019 Retro 1951 collection in this guide. Tornado pens make great gifts, so keep reading below for the details on every item in the Retro 51 collection. You're sure to find something for everyone on your list!


Retro 51's classic Tornado pen in solid lacquer colors. The knurled twist-top is a trademark design of the Tornado that was first created in 1997. Back then, the Tornado was available in three colors: red, blue, and green. Today the classic lacquer collection has expanded to include 12 colors, including stainless steel and brown with rose gold accents. Each pen is loaded in a packaging tube that doubles as a pen stand. The pen is fitted with a smooth flowing rollerball refill for exceptionally comfortable and effortless writing. Replace the rollerball with any readily available Parker-style ballpoint refill and your Tornado is now a ballpoint pen.


For the Vintage Metalsmith collection, Retro 51 took the Tornado pen and added unique designs with antique finishes to create incredible results. Click here to go to the entire Vintage Metalsmith collection on ipenstore.com, or click on the links below for any particular pen:

Rosie:  Acid-etched rivets with chrome accents.
Patriot:  Multiple US flags printed with antique silver trim. Custom tube.
Corsair & P-51 Mustang: Acid-etched + printing to recreate classic WWII planes.
Eiffel: Acid-etched Eiffel Tower elements with antique brass finish.
Stealth: Matte black barrel with gloss black trim.
Lincoln: All antique copper finish with brushed finish.
Roosevelt: Acid-etched + stonewashed barrel & antique brass trim.
Dmitri: Periodic Table print with chrome trim. Comes in a matching tube.
Albert: E=Mc2 print with stonewashed trim. Comes in matching custom tube.
Dr. Gray: GID barrel with skeleton print & stonewashed trim.


Retro 51's Rescue collection of twist-top Tornado ballpoint pens. Proceeds of each sale goes to a nonprofit group. Each pen comes packaged in a matching tube with more information about the group plus education on the issue at hand.

DOG & CAT RESCUE Series 3: Printed dog & cat graphics with donation given to Operation  Kindness to save homeless dogs and cats in a no-kill environment.
ELEPHANT & RHINO RESCUE Series 2: Elephant & Rhino pattern printed around the metal barrel complete with antique silver accents.
ELEPHANT & RHINO RESCUE Series 1: Acid-etched elephant and rhinos hidden within the skin texture in a stonewashed finish. Donation is given to Elephants, Rhino & People (ERP) for each pen sold.
BUZZ: Acid-etched honeycomb texture with printed bees & antique copper accents. Donation given to NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration to help educate and plant honey bee and pollinator friendly habitats.
BAMBOO: Bamboo barrel with gopher tortoise logo engraving on back and finished with antique silver trim. Donation given to the Arbor Day Foundation*.
CHAKRA: Glow in the dark barrel with printed yoga inspired graphics and complete with chrome trim. Donation given to the Arbor Day Foundation*.

*With your purchase of the Bamboo and Chakra, Retro 51 will make a donation to the Arbor
Day Foundation to help revitalize the Upper Altamaha River Watershed in Georgia. This area supports a concentration of rare species - with more than 10 endangered plant and animal species found in or along the river. This project will help restore the habitat for these species, including the gopher tortoise, a keystone species for many other animals in the watershed.


Officially Licensed Smithsonian Writing Instruments by Retro51! Each Smithsonian twist-top Tornado rollerball pen has the Smithsonian logo engraved on the top ring and sun logo on the top disc. A serial number is engraved as well on the top ring and each pen is packaged in a matching commemorative tube.

The Corona pen has a deeply etched barrel reminiscent of the ornamental bronze-colored metal lattice that covers the outside of the National Museum of African American History and Culture building in Washington D.C..
The Discovery Shuttle embodies well the 30-year history of human space flight from 1981 to 2011 and is on display at the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar. This rollerball pen has been etched and printed with details from this accomplished orbiting vehicle finished with black accents.
Vega Pen: Amelia Earhart set two of her many aviation records in this bright red Lockheed 5B Vega that is in the permanent collection of the National Air and Space Museum. The Vega pen has “rivets” acid-etched into the metal barrel with bright red lacquer finish and then top printed with the Vega’s original golden pin stripes.
Gene Davis’s Hot Beat is part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection. He was quoted saying, “it seemed to feel right, as we entered the sixties, to have color that leaped right off the wall ... It’s almost as if I wanted to shout, rather than to whisper.” You’ll definitely be writing boldly with this Tornado printed in matching stripes to replicate this painting.
The National Postal Museum’s Pen Pal Tornado has been covered in some of the most storied stamps the museum has in its collection. The “Inverted Jenny,” Booker T. Washington, Black Harding and Benjamin Franklin replica stamps cover the barrel and have been coated in a thick gloss varnish.
National Museum of Natural History’s Dino Fossil pen is acid-etched with several dinosaur bones so you can actually feel them. The barrel and trim are plated in antique copper to give it an earthy feel and then the dinosaurs are top printed to highlight the unearthed bones.

The Smithsonian name and logo are registered trademarks of the Smithsonian Institution.


Get your hands on the new Retro 51 Sports Edition Tornado pen! Each Tornado has been acid-etched so you can feel the texture of each sport’s ball. Hail Mary and Hoops have a pebbled texture and the baseball Slider has raised red stitching. Each is complete with complimentary trim and fitted with a smooth flowing rollerball. They are packaged in matching tubes. Pick up one of these sporty designs and even when you’re not in the game, you’ll feel the rush of the sport writing with them.


Retro 51's new series uses a chain-like pattern acid-etched on the barrel for a tactile feel that is finished in two vibrant classic lacquer colors (Spark & Flare) plus the all matte black nickel, Flint. Each pen is loaded with a rollerball refill and packaged in Retro brand tube.


The classic Retro 51 Tornado Twist-top rollerball pen, but with thicker diameter and more weight.

Sherman: WWII tank inspired design using acid-etched + printing. Comes in matching packaging.
Black Titanium: Anodized Titanium barrel with antique silver trim. (Ti logo engraving on back).
Natural Titanium: Titanium barrel with rhodium trim. (Ti logo engraving on back).


Best selling Retro 51 Tornado pen designs in a fountain pen! Capped Fountain pen with steel German nib. Barrel holds two cartridges or a converter. Each pen is packaged in a graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand.

Corsair & P-51 Mustang: Acid-etched + printing to recreate classic WWII planes. Each design packaged in a matching custom tube.
Lincoln: All antique copper finish.
Stealth: Matte black barrel with brushed finish and black gloss accents.
Aquamarine, Ultraviolet & Orchid: Metal barrels with frosted metallic lacquer & satin silver trim.


Retro 51 Tornado pencils have a twist-top mechanism to advance the perfectly sized 1.15 mm lead. The pencils are then capped off with a huge eraser. Each pencil comes with extra lead & erasers. Packaged in Retro brand graphics unless noted.

Stainless: Stainless barrel with chrome trim and white eraser.
Stealth: Matte black barrel with gloss black trim & black eraser.
Sir Isaac: Isaac Newton graphics & formula print. Comes in matching tube.
Dmitri: Periodic Table print with pink eraser. Comes in a matching tube.
Dr. Gray: GID print with stonewashed trim & black eraser. Comes in a matching tube.
Albert: E=Mc2 mathematical print with stonewashed trim. Comes in a matching tube.
Crossword: Printed puzzle with chrome trim. Comes in a matching tube


Some of Retro 51's most popular designs are packaged in gift sets! Each Gift Set comes with extra lead and erasers. These sets make great gifts!

Dr. Gray: GID Skeleton print with stonewashed trim. Comes in a matching tube.
Stainless: Stainless steel barrel with chrome trim. Packaged in a Retro brand tube.
Stealth: Matte black barrel with gloss black trim & black eraser. Retro brand tube.
Albert: E=Mc2 mathematical print with stonewashed trim. Comes in a matching tube.
Dmitri: Periodic Table print with chrome trim. Comes in a matching tube.


Retro 51 click-top ballpoint pen & 0.7 mm pencil with knurled grip and hexagon barrel. Available in Matte Black & Satin Silver, both with satin silver accents and black top ring for pencil identification. Packaged in a foldout hex shaped box. Hex-o-matic BP only holds a ballpoint refill.


Retro 51 Bamboo constructed tray with velveteen insert that holds sixteen Retro pens protected by a clear acrylic cover with magnetic attachment. A donation is made to the Arbor Day Foundation with each tray’s sale.


Whether you prefer the quick dry time of a traditional ballpoint, or the smooth flowing ink of a rollerball, the Tornado pen has you covered. The Tornado is designed to accept either a ballpoint or rollerball, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Replacement leads and erasers for Retro 51 pencils are also available, as well as fountain pen cartridges.


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