Rosetta Magellan Fountain Pen

The Rosetta Magellan's classic design is inspired by pens of the 1920's and 1930's. The touch of gold and silver trim perfectly accent the fine Italian acrylic resins. The pen comes together from parts around the globe. The nib (by Jowo) and and inner components come from Germany. The Italian acrylics are shipped to Taiwan to be machined and polished. All the parts are then sent to Michigan, USA where the final assembly is completed.

The current selection of the Magellan includes Blue Marble with Gold Trim, Purple Marble with Chrome Trim, and Burgundy Marble with Gold Trim. Green Marble is currently available in a limited supply. Burnt Umber with gold trim and Onyx Black in gold and silver trim are on the way and will be available in 2020.

The Magellan fountain pen is available in 6 standard nib sizes: extra fine, fine, medium, broad, and  1.1 mm or 1.5 mm stub italic points. Cursive Italic and other custom nib options are also available by special order.

Every Rosetta Magellan fountain pen comes equipped with a high quality Schmidt K5 converter for bottled ink, and a standard international size ink cartridge is included as well.

The Rosetta Magellan has been the flagship pen of the Rosetta brand since it's beginning, and remains iPenstore's best selling luxury fountain pen. The Magellan blends a perfect mix of design, performance and affordability together to create an incredible writing instrument.

Want to match your Magellan with the perfect ink? Check out our favorite Magellan ink pairings!

Rosetta Magellan in Dark Blue Marble with Gold Trim:

Aurora's blue is the deepest blue ink we have found. The saturated blue color matches perfectly with the darkened blue and black tones on the Dark Blue Marble Magellan. However, if you're looking for a less serious blue, the Sheaffer blue can also produce a deep shade - especially on heavier strokes, but with a bit more of a lighter side.

Rosetta Magellan in Dark Green Marble with Gold Trim:

Our favorite ink for the Dark Green Marble Magellan fountain pen is an easy choice. Pelikan's Dark Green Ink is the perfect compliment to the green and black in the Magellan. Pelikan 4001 ink is tried and tested, produces clear line definition, and flows wonderfully in any fountain pen.

Rosetta Magellan in Burgundy Marble with Gold Trim:

Burgundy can vary from more reddish tones all the way to more purple depending on the ink. Due to this varience, we've chosen two of our favorites for the Burgundy Magellan fountain pen. Monteverde Napa Burgundy is a smooth flowing ink with beautiful red tones, but can achieve darker tones when necessary. The Noodlers Burgundy is a classic deep, rich color with excellent color saturation. Both of these inks are excellent choices for any fountain pen.

Rosetta Magellan in Purple Marble with Chrome Trim:

Rohrer & Klingner Aubergine ink and the purple Magellan fountain pen is such a perfect pair, we started selling it in a set. The well-balanced ink makes for optimal ink flow, and the deep, rich purple color compliments the range of swirling purples in the Magellan fountain pen. The Aubergine ink is a limited edition from Rohrer & Klingner, so get this one before it's gone!

The Rosetta Magellan is also available in a ballpoint pen, fineliner, gel writer, and rollerball pen! Click here to check out the entire Rosetta Magellan selection.


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