Kaweco AL Sport and Liliput Fountain Pens- Super Cool

Kaweco Liliput
For generations Kaweco has been one of the oldest and most respected brands on the market. These metal pens are finely machined in Germany. We love the metal versions of Kaweco pens - aluminum, brass and copper. The raw aluminum, brass and copper pens will develop a patina over time unique to your usage.
The Liliput features a super compact size, just 3.8" long (96mm) closed, 4.9" long (125mm) open, and .35" barrel diameter (9mm). The cap screws securely on to close the pen and protect your pocket and the nib. 
Kaweco AL Sport
Kaweco AL Sport features a similar compact size to the Liliput. The octagonal design follows an original 1935 version. It is a little larger measuring at 4.1" long (104mm) closed, 5.2" long (132mm) open, and slightly over 1/2" in diameter (14mm). 
The Sport feels good in your hand with a weight of 1.6 ounces (44 g). The cap screws securely on to close the pen and protect your pocket and the nib. My favorite is the raw aluminum which is soft and will show scratches and scuffs as you use it. It will also develop a patina over time. It's polished to a gloss finish and has a beautiful silver sheen.
Kaweco Liliput Brass Wave
The Liliput aluminum model weighs in at 7 tenths of an ounce and comes in different aluminum finishes. The German-made nib made by Bock of Heidelberg is stainless steel.   
Kaweco Inks
Kaweco's line of fountain pen inks come in 8 colors-- bottle and cartridge. The pack of 6 cartridges are for all Kaweco fountain pens and for any fountain pen accepting the standard international format ink cartridge.   
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