Pens, Paper, and Ink Kids Love to Use

When I was a kid, at the end of each summer, my dad would take me into our family's office supply store and let me pick out what ever I wanted for my school supplies. I loved picking out new notebooks, unique pens, brand new pencils and crayons to bring to school.  
I loved looking through all the different pens and carefully choosing the ones that I would bring to school with me that September. This Pelikano Jr. fountain pen didn't exist when I was a kid, but if it did I would have picked this one in Violet.  It's perfect for a beginner with a soft grip zone-- ideal for those just beginning to learn to write. It comes in turquoise, blue, and red too.
Rainbows make me feel happy and remind me of the colorful artwork in school hallways. The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen has a see through barrel and color-keyed trims that match the ink cartridge color.  
The products pictured here are:


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