Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Inks - Nature in a Bottle

Pilot Iroshizuku inks are the highest quality inks on the market. They are known for being the Rolls Royce of inks. The name Iroshizuku comes from the Japanese words Iro- "Coloring" and Suzuku (droplet). Each ink name is inspired from scenery and nature in Japan.

Ku- Jaku Fountain Pen Ink is a beautiful deep turquoise ink. Ku-Jaku means Peacock this ink shade will remind you of the vivid feathers of this bird.  This ink is a very unique color, dark enough to use everyday, but still different than your ordinary blue or black.

Attributes of this ink:
  • Relatively fast drying (< 15 seconds)
  • no feathering
  • slight bleed through on Tomoe River Paper
  • Intense shading
  • Smooth writing and well lubricated ink
  • purple sheen

Shin-Ryoku (Forest Green) is a deep green that dilutes to a blue-green color.  This shade of green is inspired by the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest over a long winter.

Attributes of this ink:
  • Relatively fast drying (< 15 seconds)
  • No feathering
  • Slight bleed through on Tomoe River Paper
  • Shading- subtle
  • Dilutes to a blueish green
  • Sheen is a slight metallic purple
Japanese Forest with Shrine

Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink- Kosumosu
Kosumosu is a bright happy enegetic pink. It has the delicate charm of a Cosmos flower.  The color is inspired by the fields of Cosmos flowers that bloom every August in Japan.  The flowers are considered the cherry blossom of the autumn in Japan.

Attributes of this ink:
  • Smooth flow
  • No feathering
  • No bleedthrough
  • Beautiful shading
  • Slower dry time (>20 seconds)
  • Not waterproof

Japanese field of Cosmos Flowers


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