Can you solve the Blackwing 10001 puzzle?

Blackwing 10001 壱万壱

Arriving week of June 25, 2018


A tribute to puzzles and other creative ways

of teaching and learning  


  • Honors Tetsuya Miyamoto, who invented the KenKen math puzzle in 2004
  • KenKen is the only puzzle printed daily alongside the New York Times Crossword
  • Puzzles like these inspire us to apply problem solving and logic in creative ways

  • Designed in collaboration with Miyamoto Sensei
  • Five-sided pencil shape (known as Gokaku in Japan)
  • Red stained "adzuki" wood finish
  • Gold imprint with kanji numerals
  • Gold ferrule, black eraser, firm graphite


  • Numeral palindrome (same backwards and forwards) in kanji and Arabic numerals
  • 10001 is the solution to one of Miyamoto Sensei's favorite puzzle equations

Try a KenKen

Included in each Volume 10001 box is a KenKen Puzzle


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