Fountain Pen Refill Guide

Do you have a fountain pen in need of a new cartridge or converter, but aren't sure which one to get? This guide should help. At, we stock over 20 different fountain pen cartridge brands and sizes, and we understand that finding the correct refill can be difficult. So, we created this convenient guide to assist you in your search.

Fountain pen cartridges come in a variety of shapes and lengths, and some brands of pens will only take specific cartridges or brand proprietary cartridges. If you know the brand of your pen, we've created a Fountain Pen Cartridge and Converter by Brand chart. Scroll down to the bottom to view the chart. There you'll find quick links directly to fountain pen cartridges and converters for your particular brand of pen, and for all the different brands we carry.

The majority of fountain pens will take what's known as a "standard international" cartridge. The standard international is available in a mini and a long (or giant), with the mini being the most common. The standard international cartridge is manufactured by many brands, and is available in a rainbow of colors. For standard international cartridges in black or blue ink, we recommend the Pelikan or Schneider brands. For a wider selection of colors, try the Private Reserve or Monteverde brands.

If you don't know the specific brand, check out the Cartridge Picture Size Guide below. We've included photos of the most common fountain pen cartridges we offer, as well as the length of each one. Simply measure the length of your existing cartridge, and match it to the ones shown below.

If you are still not sure, or not finding what you need from our list, we're happy to help! Contact us by phone (888-747-7367), or email ( and we'll do our best to assist you in purchasing the correct refill for your pen.

Compare your cartridge to our picture size guide:
Please note: cartridges and converters are not to scale. The actual size on the screen may vary depending on the device you are using. Cartridges are listed from shortest to longest. Click on each refill to go directly to the item on

Standard International (Short):


Cross Slim:






Standard International (Long):



Fountain pen cartridge and converter by brand table:
Use this table as a guide for the pen brands that take either proprietary cartridges and converters, or the common "Standard International" size. Brands with more than one type listed have pen models accepting different types or sizes. In those cases, check your specific pen brand and model, or contact us for specifics.

 Aurora  Parker  Aurora or Parker
 Baoer  Standard International  Standard
 Conklin  Standard International  Standard
 Cross  Cross / Cross Slim  Cross
 Diplomat  Standard International  Standard
 Edison  Standard International  Standard
 Hero  Standard International  Standard
 Jinhao  Standard International  Standard
 Kaweco  Standard International  Standard
 Lamy  Lamy  Lamy
 Monteverde  Standard International  Standard
 Ohto  Standard International  Standard
 Online  Standard International  Standard
 Parker  Parker  Parker
 Pelikan  Standard International  Standard
 Pilot  Pilot  Pilot
 Platignum Platignum or Standard  Standard
 Platinum  Platinum  Platinum
 Regal  Standard International  Standard
 Retro 51  Standard International  Standard
 Rosetta  Standard International  Standard
 Rotring  Standard International  Standard
 Schneider  Standard International  Standard
 Sheaffer  Sheaffer  Sheaffer
 Visconti  Standard International  Standard
 Waterman  Waterman  Waterman
 Worther  Standard International  Standard


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