June 2019 New Items at iPenstore.com

Read below to check out some of the best new products at iPenstore.com, and keep an eye out for even more in the coming weeks! Also, if there is a cool or innovative product out there that you think iPenstore should carry, let us know by email (support@ipenstore.com), or in the comments section below.

Kleid Notebooks
Kleid notebooks are perfect for writing and note taking with pencil, ballpoint pen, fountain pen or markers. New at iPenstore is the Life Noble Notebook, and the Stationery Notebooks (available in red, black or blue covers). These notebooks feature 2x2 mm grid, and fountain pen friendly paper.

Midori Soft Silicone Pen Cases:
Available in orange, light blue, black or pink these Midori cases are made of super soft silicone to protect your favorite pens. The sleek profile makes it great for throwing in your bag without adding bulk. A silicone band is included to hold the case closed. When open, it's perfect as a desk-top pen tray.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pens:
First introduced in 1954, the Parker Jotter remains one of the best selling pens in history - over 750 million have been sold worldwide! These new production Parker Jotters are available in yellow, blue or orange, with a plastic body and stainless steel upper half and clip. Each pen is equipped with a smooth writing Parker QuinkFlow refill in blue medium. Made in France.

Schneider Ray Fountain Pens:
The Schneider Ray fountain pen is a modern and minimalist design based on the latest design trends and colors. In order to create a pen where functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics are all equally important, Schneider used futuristic lines in combination with the exciting material mix of glossy plastic and matte rubberized ellipses to create the Ray. This finely designed (yet very comfortable!) pen is currently available in coral, white with dark grey trim, and dark blue with light grey trim, with additional color options coming soon.

Schneider Ink Cartridge Bottles of 30:
Our popular Schneider ink cartridges now come in a bottle of 30! Available in blue or black ink. For all Schneider fountain pens and any other fountain pen accepting the international ink cartridge. Made in Germany.

Word Notebook Fishing Log:
The Word Notebook Fishing Log is now available in an Olive cover! The Fishing Log is a 48-page notebook specifically designed for anglers. The layout allows for quick entry of all pertinent information, for the species of the fish you caught, its size, the lure you used to reel it in, and much more. Each notebook slips easily into your back pocket, leaving your hands free for your fishing rod, tackle box, and waterside beverages.

iPenstore Micro Mesh:
12,000 grit Micro Mesh available in a 3" x 4" sheet, or 2" x 2" pad. Micro mesh is an extremely fine abrasive paper that can be useful for smoothing the tip of a scratchy fountain pen nib.

Kokuyo Notebook Underlay Mats:
The Kokuyo underlay writing mat is made to slip under a sheet in your notebook to make a smooth, solid, but forgiving writing surface. It also prevents leaving a mark on the sheet under your writing sheet. The mat includes a "Today" tab that makes it ideal for a bookmark in a journal. Available in A5 Slim, or B6 Slim.

What do you think of this latest batch of new items? Is there is a cool or innovative product out there that you think iPenstore should carry? Let us know by email (support@ipenstore.com), or in the comments section below. We're always on the lookout for new, interesting and great products!


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